What would you choose, hotel or apartment?

Whenever our holidays get closer our biggest concerns are first where to go and second where to stay. We start surfing the internet to see where the search engine takes us to. Are you more the hotel type or would you prefer an apartment? If you choose Fuerteventura as your destination you have a large range of possibilities to choose from.

Las playas de Fuerteventura son una gran opción a la hora de elegir destino vacacionalAs we say, many times we doubt whether to choose a hotel or an apartment for many reasons such as comfort or the budget we count with. When you go for the second option you then think: what am I going to eat? Will the local cuisine be good and of good quality? Will it be good prize? Stop thinking about it! Fuerteventura is the best option for your next holidays because apart from being a real leisure paradise with good ambience and weather, there is also a large list of places where you can choose from that are suitable for everyone’s needs and pockets!

Just as an interesting fact, on Tripadvisor there are 621 restaurants that have been reviewed in Fuerteventura from which 192 are located in La Oliva which is the borough that Corralejo belongs to. Corralejo is a sailor´s town with a unique enchantment. To get here you have to go passed the National Park of Dunes which is the biggest in the canary archipelago.


Once you leave the breathtaking view of the dunes behind you arrive to Corralejo, a place where the taste from the sea has been preserved for many years and this is well found in the old part of town. It´s a real pleasure to walk around the streets where you will find a huge variety of restaurants to pick from.

With so many choices, there sure will be something that suits your taste. The offer is so extent that you will be able to pick and try a bit of everything, ranging from local cuisine (excellent fresh fish, traditional goat meat from the isle, limpets, wrinkled potatoes, mojo sauces, local cheese, local wines …) to the most cosmopolitan alternatives such as Indian and Italian restaurants, sushi bars, Brazilian meat, broilers …

The variety of gastronomic styles and quantity of places are infinite and as you can imagine we cannot fit all on this article, this post is a quick overview of all. We will continue adding, with full detail from here Fuerteventura, the peculiarities of the restaurants, places, memories, landscapes and other tips from the isle you cannot miss when you come and have your best holidays of your life here in Corralejo!

La oferta gastronómica de Fuerteventura es enorme. Y en los apartamentos Fuentepark puedes usar tu propia cocinaLet’s go back to the doubt we had at the start. If you choose the apartment option you will have the experience to cook for yourself with new local products which can be found easily and of good quality. In the past few years in Fuerteventura big supermarkets (Lidl, Mercadona) have opened with good prices and high quality products which add to the local supermarkets that were already here such as Spar – Padilla and Hiperdino – Supersol.  So as well in this case you have where to choose from, so it’s only you that makes the choice on what to eat. Also, if you like fish, there´s a traditional market in town where you can buy fresh fish every morning that cannot be missed.


La cocina de los apartamentos Fuentepark están perfectamente equipadas para que no te falte de nadaIf you finally go for and apartment don’t over think it too much and come and stay with us at Fuentepark. Apartments are very well equipped and of course the kitchen does not miss a thing: fridge with 250l capacity, conventional oven and four hob ring. If you like saving some money on food while being on holidays or simply you love to cook your own specialties, don’t doubt it, this is your place.

We will continue updating this blog with information on everything but with special emphasis to the local cuisine. Have you ever tried cherne,  chopa, sama or la cabrilla? See you soon with another Fuerte … adventure!!


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