Known as the Tranquil Island, Fuerteventura has the longest coastline of all the Canary Islands, totalling 1,731 km, enjoys solitary plains and immense beaches of fine, golden sand, and is a luscious, unspoiled island closest to the African continent. Its territory is characterised by having an open, generous coast, which provides it with unbeatable beaches in terms of their extension, tranquillity and cleanliness.

Fuerteventura, separated from Africa by just a narrow strait, is a paradise for fishing, and in the north and south points there are beaches which are amongst the world’s best. These characteristics allow the World Windsurfing Championship to be hosted every year, along with the International Longline Fishing Open. The ports are also the ideal place to practise sailing, diving and canoeing.

The privileged ocean situation of Fuerteventura has defined its historical trajectory, shaping its cultural richness and the laboriousness and tenacity of the local people. All this has resulted in a rich heritage which can be seen in our extensive range of museums.

Fuerteventura has a great deal to offer. Come and see us!



The community of La Oliva is located in the north of Fuerteventura. It has an area of 356 km2 and its current population is around 14.600 inhabitants.

The climate is the same as the rest of the island, dry, so it features a desert-like landscape. The average annual temperature is between 18.8 and 19.6 º C.
Rain is not common due to the low mountains.

Here we can find the following protected nature reserves:

The Natural Park of Corralejo can be found in the North of the island. It consists of the famous sand dunes, immense white beaches and crystal-clear waters. All this framed by a beautiful turquoise sky.

Very close to the east of Corralejo is the island of Lobos with its rough landscape, beautiful beach and amazing lagoons. Its population consists of one person, the lighthouse-keeper. If you like diving do not miss going there because it is one of the best spots in the Canary Islands to enjoy this exciting sport.