Spots of interest: Caribbean or Corralejo Fuerteventura?

Taking into account that the summer is here and that recently the National Geographic included the beaches of Corralejo Fuerteventura in the top 25 list of the best beaches in the world, we would like to show you one of them.

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Does Fuerteventura deserve such an honor? Of course it does.

Are we objective? Probably not. If you don’t believe in our word we invite you to come and check it out by yourself. In Fuentepark, our apartments in Fuerteventura, we will be delighted to inform you where you find these beaches that will leave you astonished; the kind of beaches that turn anybody into a professional photographer.

To start off… drum roll!… la Playa del Moro.

La Playa del Moro (Playa Alzada).vacaciones fuerteventura fuentepark apartamento barato alquiler todo incluido corralejo

In the Natural Park of Corralejo, in the north of Fuerteventura, we find an array of beautiful white sand beaches called Las Grandes Playas. Within this group we would like to point out one with crystal clear water, clearly visible from the road that separates the ocean from the dunes and located in the road sign marked with Km 20.

This beach, called Playa del Moro, reminds us of those beautiful Caribbean crystal clear water beaches, across the Atlantic Ocean.  The closeness to the road makes it very difficult to pass on a hot day and to not feel the urge to go and have a refreshing dip. If you decide to make a stop we advise you to park in the assigned parking space and never on the sides of the road in the sand or you will easily get stuck and somebody has to come to your rescue to get the car loose. Close to the shore and hidden under the ocean most of the time, you can see some low stone shelves naturally formed. These stone shelves run along one third of the beach — some people have used them for carving in their initials and one or two hearts… They make a beautiful contrast with the pure white sand that surrounds them.

Behind these shelves, there are no rocks. Just sand bottom and the ocean. An interesting phenomenon that occurs in some beaches of Fuerteventura is the sand banks, where you can walk 20 meters, and still have the water under your waistline (you almost feel as if you could walk on the water!). This is what happens in one of the sides of this beach, the closest to these particular stone shelves.

Once we had the opportunity to watch how a tourist had a quick dip. It was a perfect day to take some sun. The man, almost in his sixties, dived in those waters and reappeared splashing and screaming like crazy. Since in the Canarian beaches there are no sharks (another point for Corralejo and Fuerteventura!), we thought the problem could be a cramp or something similar, and he was drowning. However, we soon realized the yells were laughter and expressions of sheer happiness instead, as if he was experiencing a regression to his childhood. After the initial shock, we found his laughter to be very contagious and actually it was very funny to see him enjoying in this manner. That’s the effect this beach causes to people and everybody should experience it once in a lifetime.

Last advice: as this is situated in a natural park, there is no place to buy food or water close by, so it is highly recommended to carry with you all the stuff necessary to spend a memorable day.apartamentos fuerteventura todo incluido baratos alquiler

We’ll keep on discovering amazing places of Fuerteventura for you; you can spend a splendid stay in Fuentepark, our low cost apartments in Fuerteventura, and ask us about the marvelous spots of interest of the island. We are waiting for you!


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