Beauty Spots of Fuerteventura: Aguas Verdes

Maybe you have never been to Fuerteventura. It’s a special place, with plenty of recreational activities for tourists. If you do come to visit you shouldn’t miss out on the most attractive beauty spots of the island. Discover “Aguas Verdes”.

We have decided to call those not so known places that break the general concept of the island: beauty spots of  Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura does not only focus on sports leisure activities, you can also find tranquility, me-time and relax. The sea that surrounds us doesn’t only wash up on the fantastic white sandy beaches, it also hits the rocks by the natural swimming pools of those special spots that’s called “Aguas Verdes” (Green Waters). You shouldn’t miss out!

Rincones de Fuerteventura: Aguas VerdesNatural Swimming Pools

You find “Aguas Verdes” on the East coast of Fuerteventura about 26 Km following a horizontal line from the capital Puerto del Rosario. After driving for a while on a well paved road you will arrive to a dirt track without vegetation.

Then you just follow the road until you find one of the multiple paths that lead down to the coast. Every path leads you down to a distinctive outlook on “Aguas Verdes”. There are beaches with smooth rocks, natural swimming pools, spectacular panoramic view of caves and underwater tunnels.

Rock Crabs

It’s also the home to the rock crabs, these magnificent crustacean are clearly visible in the most unapproachable areas, always close to the water. Although it’s not uncommon to see them dried out, their shells exposed under the sun. You might feel tempted to grab one and take it home, but unfortunately they fall to pieces when you touch them. This is the closest we can be to one of these amazing crustaceans, since they run away from people.

Las ardillas son especies invasoras que se han adaptado a vivir en la isla de Fuerteventura. Foto de Fuentepark


 Crabs, fish, seagulls… it’s what you expect to find by the coastline. But… squirrels? Nobody is certain how they came to populate Fuerteventura, but now you can see them all over the island. And although no other species seems more out of place than a squirrel in a desert-like environment they have adapted perfectly. Not having many natural predators and with the generous collaboration of visitors, this invader species keeps multiplying itself since their arrival. The estimated population outnumbers one million. It’s recommended to not touch them, since they have teeth and they do know how to use them…

Las piscinas naturales de Aguas Verdes, en Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias, España

A Hidden Treasure

Taking into account that the rocks and cliffs is the major feature of the spot, you can also find a hidden treasure. Walking towards the South, jumping and climbing, you will end up reaching a beautiful small white sanded beach at the foot of a small hill. The hill is made of sand and soil so it is not difficult to climb (good exercise!). At the top there is a cave; it is not very deep and quite a few people can fit in there. It is an incredible way to spend a different kind of day, perfect for those days when you would like to have a dip but it’s a bit windy or you don’t feel like getting sandy.

“Aguas Verdes” is not for those who like to arrive and just put down the parasol, you have to walk a bit, and it is definitely worth it. So if you are planning to spend some days in Fuerteventura don’t hesitate to contact us. In Fuentepark, more than just enjoying your stay with us, we’ll give you tips and advice about what to see and visit.

Get to know Fuerteventura and its beauty spots. We are waiting for you.


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