Routes from our apartaments to the Traditional Markets in Fuerteventura

Apartamentos Fuerteventura alquilerToday we want to take a lovely walk with you through the traditional markets in the isle, they are the best places to find local and artisanal products at very good prices.

They are generally located in open space areas with their own characteristics that make them very original and authentic with their own colors, products and nice people that hang around them frequently.

Fuerteventura, as a paradise where many things happen, couldn’t miss the fantastic markets with a personal canarian touch. On this occasion we want to share with you two of these markets that you will like for sure and surely will be able to schedule a visit while being here on holidays.

Canarian Market

In the northern part of Fuerteventura, where Fuentepark apartments are located, we find Corralejo, a place that is visited by thousands of tourists every year not only for its paradisiacal beaches but as well for its surroundings.


The old part of town still preserves its enchantment of a fisher´s town where, on the contrary, the new part of town has a large range variety of shops and shopping centre’s. Amongst the shopping centers we can find El Campanario where you can enjoy lovely breath-taking views of the nearby surroundings from its tower or admire the typical canarian architecture.

Every Thursday and Sunday from 10 till 2pm ,in El Campanario shopping centre, you can visit one of the most motley and multiracial markets with crafts and different creations from all around the world. 


As well, at the same time on Saturdays, there´s also a second hand article market where you can find loads of products ranging from books, shoes, clothes, toys, jewellery and much more! There´s also a few “Recycle” stands where, for example, you can find necklaces made from dry orange skin or bags made out from vinyl records. While going around the market you can enjoy live music from local musicians.


Casa del Coronel, Market of Traditions

All in all, the market of traditions is a very welcoming and a suitable place for all ages. The market and its members wait for us with a wide selection of choices for kids, parents and grandparents. A place where everyone will spend a different, fun and memorable day, a place where no one is left outside by its undeniable charm and magic.

Apartamentos Fuerteventura alquilerFuerteventura hides a long list of unique places; one can be found in La Oliva, about 10 km from Fuentepark (about 20 min drive). For those that do not wish to drive, Fuerteventura counts with good public bus service that leaves every hour from Corralejo. The trip is worth it, because in La Oliva we can find a large market, with a variety of products from local artisans and all around the globe.

Among the items on display we can admire delicate and difficult elaboration craftwork made ​​from leather, wool, and other materials, as well as handmade jewelry, knitting’s, etc. .

We will also have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Francisco and his family, whose stand includes a healthy choice of organic fruit and vegetables grown in the land of Fuerteventura.Apartamentos Fuerteventura alquiler

You can also taste the best wine and, of course, the famous majorero cheese , which has placed Fuerteventura on the world gastronomic map . All this can be found in a place that is as unique as it is as old; we’re talking about one of the most emblematic houses in the area, in an atmosphere that is sure going to transport you to another time full of joy and traditions.

These are just two options of unforgettable experiences, among many others, that can be enjoyed in the nearby surroundings of Fuentepark. Come and visit our apartments, we are happy to inform you of everything you need to know about Fuerteventura and its secret corners. Come and enjoy a wonderful holiday with us!


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